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'facts Of Life' Star Lisa Whelchel Talks Fitness Facts At 50 With Exercise Dvd

webblog Dolvett Quince The result is a program that includes two workouts for women of different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You'll need light weights and an exercise mat. In a recent interview with People magazine, Lisa admitted her own limitations. "I hurt my shoulder playing racquetball, I have a lower back injury from an aerobics class and I messed up my feet while training to climb visit site Mount Whitney," she laughed. And although she looked tough on "Survivor," the reality show took its toll on fitness program Lisa's body. "Even on Survivor, when I did the mud challenge, I developed sciatica that has continued to give me trouble," she admitted. She describes her fitness DVD as a "doable full-body workout that you can do in 20 minutes. It has stretching, resistance, cardio and a cool down.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/facts-of-life-star-lisa-whelchel-talks-fitness-facts-at-50-with-exercise-dvd

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